About Us

Chronoat is one of the prominent voice in the IoT World and S.M.A.R.T utopia.

Our Mission

To become the leading voice for the IoT Industry and innovations that drives changes for it one way or another.

Our Other Mission

Every year millions of kids all over the succumbs to death due to starvation

Feed A Young Soul

Join the cause of UNICEF in providing food to those who needs it
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Our Hope

To leave the mark upon the like and unlike minded. Something too strong to erode away and too tangible to stand the test of time.

Another Hope

In 2021 almost 650,000 lives were lost due to HIV/AIDs

Spread The Awareness

Shake hands with those fighting the never ending battle of ignorance and loss
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Our Goal

To promote, preach, and persist knowledge associated with Future times and its misnomers: Smart Devices.

Goal For Tomorrow

With half of global population missing out on basic education illiteracy rate is climbing

Learn. Teach. Seek

Help the causes aimed to provide resources to spread education
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Our Dream

To coexist in a better world. One in line with harmony, inclusivity, and thirst for better hope for tomorrow.

An Important Dream

Every year change in climate ends up causing disasters leading to countless loss of life

Change Now

Spread the concern and awareness to stop the drastic change for better future
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