8 Best Garmin Watch Faces For Free! Number 5 Is Must Have!!!

8 Best Garmin Watch Faces For Free! Number 5 Is Must Have!!!

Garmin are excellent watch manufacturers and they have been at it for decades now. Although, in recent times the trend within the company has changed with more focus now towards the diversification, smartwatches remain the number one priority of the company. Therefore to celebrate this unique liberty of the dedication tonight we are looking at the best clock faces from Garmin IQ store.

Now, before you wonder, let me make it clear that we are only including the clock faces that are 100% free. So you won't have to spend a dime on them. All you need to do is read our list and then open Garmin store to get the clock face which caught your attention.

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The best Garmin watch faces for free are the following:

  • Run3Crew
  • Cube
  • Anime Naruto
  • Tac Watch Face

Run3Crew Watch Face


A perfect blend of elegance and royal black Run3Crew is ideal clock face for anyone who wants easy to eye display screen on their smartwatches. It combines both the simple look of a retro watch and provides the digital cumbersome feeling of a smartwatch.

Using this Garmin clock face you can easily see time on your screen. While there will be also indicators for different buttons letting you know giving you complete experience of what you need for your Garmin watch.


Cube Watch Face



With almost 14,000 downloads on Garmin store this watch face is little unique than others. It’s not your usual style with just time. If I’d have to give it a word I’d say its pretty perfect personification of early 2000s. You can see time, you can see battery, you get little information about activity monitoring. There are also many colors available which you can choose from your own preference.

It is also ready to download on the following devices: Garmin Epix, Garmin ForeAthlete 920XTJ, Garmin Forerunner 920XT & Garmin Vivoactive.


Anime Naruto

Anime Naruto

This Garmin watch face is for anyone out there who loves smartwatches just as much as the anime. Because if you are fan of Naruto and if you have following Garmin watch or smartwatch you are in for treat. While colors might look different depending on which and what Garmin watch you have the overall feel of this clock face as premium as it can get.

Just from one glance you will be able to tell battery, Bluetooth connectivity status, time, date, and just whatnot. It is perfect blend of both fun and business. Truth be told I will put it right up there with Fitbit’s My Sleeping Animal clock face. Just amazing.


Tac Watch Face


This one is little basic but if you are someone who likes to keep things lowkey then I couldn’t think of a better option. Tac Watch Face for your Garmin smartwatch will show you all the required stats like battery life and time while also giving you options to customize. For sure, customization here is not how you would find in Apple Watches but for what it’s worth you will be pretty satisfied with what you can get.

Although it’s important to keep in mind this watch face at the time can’t handle Internet connection very well. So you might come across syncing issue. But even that is not too significant to push it down our list.


Saitama Watch Face


Another one from Independent creators at Garmin store this Saitama watch face is ideal for fans of One Punch Man out there. It’s bleak. It’s black and white. It will show you time and battery life, but most importantly it is enough to bring life to any Garmin model on your wrist.

You can also enable from settings the option to see the Bluetooth connection status. This watch face can and will support it. Although, from what we’ve tested and seen it would be better otherwise.


Orrery Watch Face


Probably the one with most cool features Orrery Garmin clock face is perfect embodiment of military aesthetics and digital world. Just from first glance with it you can see the position of sun and moon (real time) your watch will use GPS and Internet to update the data in real time. There is also option to choose the hemisphere.

You can choose which hemisphere is displayed (north or south). Not to mention you can also let the clock face select which hemisphere is displayed based on the watch position latitude by choosing automatic in settings.


Fenix Watch Face G2

Fenix Watch Face

For us probably the closest watch face which is the most modern one from our list. This Garmin watch face will show you everything you need to know just from one glance. Be it your goals and their progress. Or other vanity stats like battery or Moon Icon when in sleep mode.

Although, unlike the Orrery it doesn’t have the many cool features and in a way it is quite basic but for those who prefer to remain grounded with touch of analog dial, there couldn’t be a better option. However, keep in mind this watch face requires firmware version 3.10 or higher. 


Spotlight Watch Face

Spotlight Watch Face

The most minimalistic is for the last and rightfully so, Spotlight watch face for Garmin watches is ideal show stopper given it’s strong stance to keep things little too simple. You won’t be able to gather much data from your clock face with Spotlight however if keeping things classy and lowkey is your style then this might be match made in heaven for you.

According to it’s developer these are it’s primary functions:

  • Adjustable colors and appearance
  • A small notification icon on the bottom
  • A battery warning icon on the top
  • Burn in protection for OLED screens

But since Garmin doesn’t allow changing of colors from settings you would’ve to work with color codes (#47F088 is color code) yourself and then use them to change the color from the application on your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any clock face is the better option. However, when faced with problem, turn towards the default option.

For new Gen Garmin smartwatch Run3Crew is the main or default clock face.

Far too many to count.

Honestly, Apple has much better collection of watch faces.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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