14 Best Games For Fitbit Trackers: 2023 Edition

14 Best Games For Fitbit Trackers 2023 Edition

Hey there! Have you heard about Fitbit? It's a pretty neat gadget that helps you keep track of your fitness goals and activities. But did you know that it can also be a source of fun and entertainment? Yep, that's right! Fitbit actually has a bunch of games that you can play on your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch.

Not only are these games enjoyable, but they can also be really beneficial for your overall health and wellness. They can motivate you to be more active, give your brain a workout, and even reward you with cool achievements.

So, in this post, we're going to introduce you to 14 of the best games for Fitbit trackers. These games will definitely add some excitement and satisfaction to your fitness journey. Ready to check them out?"

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You can play these games on your Fitbit Tracker:

  • Basket Ball
  • Sliding Puzzle
  • Ping Pong
  • The Snake

Can You Play Games On A Fitbit?

Fitbit is Fitbit and Fitbit is amazing.

While it’s true Fitbit is predominantly known for its activity tracking and serving the demand of an industry based on the demographic of the elderly. It’s hard to deny their smartwatches aren’t any different from the likes of Apple or Samsung Galaxy Series.

You can – quite – easily perform various tasks using your Fitbit tracker that aren’t health-related. For example: making calls, texting friends, playing music, using social platforms, downloading third-party applications, and of course installing games.

“But the display screen is so small?”

Fitbit Games

It is true, you don’t have a lot of room while playing games, and they do take a substantial toll on your battery (BTW for which you can either lower the brightness or put phone on DND mode). I am not assuming you are going to buy Fitbit for playing games. They are as it’s in nature – a leisure activity.

So let’s look at some of the best games you can have on your Fitbit device to pass the time.

Tic Tac Toe

All of us have played Tic Tac Toe.

Be it at the back of our textbook at home. Or on the whiteboard in class. It’s an undeniably gracious feeling to have a win against a friend. Hence if you are anything like me who couldn’t stop coming up with cool strategies to get a win, you would love Tic Tac Toe on your Fitbit.

Tic Tac Toe for Fitbit

Available with a customization mode that lets you change colors and symbols and a multiplayer option to ensure you and your friend are never out of options, Tic Tac Toe is completely free. Although, do check if it’s compatible with your model/series of Fitbit. If you are using the latest entry then I’m sure you won’t have to face compatibility issues.

Wild West

Okay, so this one is a little more advanced than the Tic Tac Toe.

Wild West is a shooting game that is composed of two factions – sheriffs and bandits. You would be one of the sheriffs playing from the first-person POV, and as you would have guessed your job would be to shoot down bad guys.

Wild West for Fitbit

But be aware: one wrong shot and you can kill one of your partners.

It has an amazing graphic for a smartwatch game and with smooth control options to let you do work with weapons going along with it, I don’t think you would stop playing it anytime soon.

Flappy Bird

Anyone who was alive and well in 2015 has heard about Flappy Bird.

It literally became a cultural phenomenon in the 2010s decade. If I am not mistaken it was even included as Easter Egg by Google in Marshmallow OS. Anyways, if you were enticed by it then I am sure you would feel the same way now too.

Because it is fun and it works like a charm on Fitbit.

Flappy Bird for Fitbit

The basics of the game still remain in saving the bird from the pole. While hours of fun and incremental difficulty completely elevate the fun with each second you spend on it.

Pocket Glider

Much similar to the Flappy it is another one to save you from boredom.

Pocket Glider is made up of the same mechanics as Flappy Bird. However with additional functionality for people who like sophisticated creations. Basically, you’d be in charge of a paper glider flying inside a house that you have to save from hitting other objects.

Now you can do a lot to customize your gaming environment here.

Paper Glider for Fitbit

Pocket Glider allows change of settings for setting, vibration, and glider speed. Likewise, if you are someone who is competitive you can also check out the stats the game records in the background. Honestly, it’s a complete package.

Move The Box

Anyone who likes to spend their free time sharpening their mind, this is the one for you.

Although, unlike the other options in this list Move The Box doesn’t have the most aesthetic graphic. What it lacks in visuals makes it up for it in concept, and I believe the concept is everything.

Move The Box for Fitbit

You would have the job to secure the toy from a box. However, it won’t be easy, on your part you’d have to come up with intelligent solutions on the fly. Surely, it might not be tasteful for everyone, but I can assure you, if you will try, you won’t regret it.

Note: It is paid, so you’d have to buy it from Fitbit Gallery for $1.99.

Drag Racing

I guess most of us have played the NFS at some point in our childhood.

Drag Racing on Fitbit isn’t exactly like the Need For Speed series, it doesn’t have the capacity nor the need, but on its own it is pretty fun. You are set to match against one another opponent and you’ve to beat them to the finish line. The rules of race are the same as any of the Drag Race.

Drag Racing for Fitbit

With each win, you receive in-game money that you can use to buy cool/more sporty-looking cars.

Block Rain

This right here is the perfect alternative for any TETRIS lover out there.

And who doesn’t love TETRIS? Do you know it is THE BEST SELLING GAME OF ALL TIME! Even above the likes of Minecraft and GTA V. For sure, Block Rain isn’t TETRIS does it matter when our platform is a health tracker?

Block Rain for Fitbit

It works exactly like TETRIS. All you have to do is make sure blocks don’t get stacked up at the top of the shelf. If they will you’d lose. If they won’t you keep on racking up the score. All in all, it is fun and amazing.

Ping Pong

‘I was the local Ping Pong champion in my area.’

Yes I know it is not a flex I think it is but still, I can never forget the feeling of winning it. As I am sure so wouldn’t you when you’d play it with your friends. Because you can and you will on your Fitbit device.

Ping Pong for Fitbit

You would have to score at least 5 points before getting a victory. However, you can also lose a point if the pong crosses the edge. Again, the idea in itself isn’t revolutionary, it is fun, and it works like a charm on Fitbit trackers.

Space Rocket

For Sci-Fi lovers out there this one takes the cake.

Because if you would recall or if you are a 90s baby all of us have played it at least once. Yes, then it was probably black and white on our parent’s phones, it was fun, no?

Like, operating the space rocket and making sure we don’t crash into any moving object while having the ability to shoot down rogue enemies, who doesn’t like that? I know I do.

Space Rocket for Fitbit

And that’s why I have it on my Fitbit tracker. Surely, it isn’t the most innovative game out there, but it is fun and it reminds me of the time I use to secretly get hold of my mother’s phone to play it.

Tap Race

Another one like the Flappy Bird!

Tap Race is quite generic in its approach toward the gameplay. You’d be controlling an F1 car on an endless road with the goal to dodge other cars and each successful attempt leads to a point gained.

Tap Race for Fitbit

However, we are not here to judge the games based on Industry standards. They just have to be fun and a good time pass. And Tap Race happens to be one of them.

Pocket Golf

And putting balls behind the hole is what we love…

Golf is addictive, but do you know what is even more addictive? When you can play Golf on your health tracker and it works like a charm. Pocket Golf is one the most beautiful-looking game out there available for Fitbit utopia. It gives you the ball to shoot using the drag – the more you’d drag it the longer it will travel. While at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be getting information like Stroke and Score.

Pocket Golf for Fitbit

Honestly, I was quite amazed by it, I can’t say it is the best one here, but it really caught my attention. Given the capacity of trackers, and resources available Pocket Golf is 100% one to beat for Fitbit games.

Sliding Puzzle

An Artist is no less than an Art…

Sliding Puzzle reminds me of Art. Maybe because it shows artistic pictures and then has them divided and collided until it’s a mess of 12 blocks and it’s our job to make it meaningful. During the game, you’d face many dilemmas but none would be greater than the joy you’d have on completing the puzzle.

Sliding Puzzle for Fitbit

Yes, graphics by today’s standard are not up to the mark, but I am a strong believer in gameplay over graphics, and then it doesn’t matter whether it’s a game running on Snapdragon 3100 on Fitbit Sense or Custom 8-Core AMD Zen 2 on PlayStation 5.

It has to be fun.

Basket Ball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is not a surprise why.

Who doesn’t enjoy scoring three-pointers huh? I mean I am no Lebron James but I have tried my fair share from time to time. He might be doing it in court in front of millions, I do it on my Fitbit at home.

As can you if you would install it on your Fitbit tracker.

Basket Ball for Fitbit

The aim of the game is simple, all you have to do is to score as much as you can before you run out of your tries. With each point it will become harder to do so, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Snake Game

And the nostalgic one for the last…

I can say with surety all of us have played Snake at some point in our lives. Like if you didn’t you most definitely missed out because you are not from this planet. Humans on Earth have played Snake and they loved it.

Snake Game for Fitbit

Much like the original iteration on the Nokia phone, this one is similar to it. You control the snake and it has to be kept from corners and itself. However, if you’d have it on your Fitbit you can check the leaderboard and compare your stats to other players.

It gets pretty competitive if you have time on your hands.

Fitbit Games: Everything For Everyone!

There are no lie games available on the Fitbit trackers aren’t exactly the innovation we seek out today, I don’t think they are meant to do it anyway. At the end of the day, Fitbit is a health tracker, it is made with a purpose that is quite alienating to our discussion here.

But if it can provide or is providing us with the opportunity to have fun for an hour and two I think we should embrace it with an open mind and have a go at it. Who knows what might happen?

There is never any harm in trying…

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can play games on Fitbit.

Well, you would have to download them through the Fitbit Gallery. Or you can use Fitbit application and have them in your tracker through the smartphone.

Yep. The Fitbit Versa series is one of the best Fitbit has to offer, so it is 100% plausible for you to have games on your Fitbit Versa devices.

Make sure your tracker is updated with latest OS version and have it downloaded to your tracker through the Fitbit Gallery.

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