Amazfit Bip 5 Review: Bigger. Cheaper. Better?

Amazfit Bip 5

Released during the second quarter of 2023 Amazfit Bip 5 is the latest addition in the Bip series. With bigger than average screen size and a price tag that couldn't stop catching the eye it's safe to assume Amazfit has accomplished a pretty decent job in elevating it's case of versality.

However, with market saturation at an all-time high and competitors moving quick to earn a buck, it's also safe to say that Amazfit isn't the only one with brilliant execution. As is the case with Bip 5 since the company has put it's hope within it to make a name for itself. Although, question remains can the newest addition stands the heat or is it too cheap to grant itself immunity?

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Amazfit Bip 5: Hindsight

A perfect bland of health tracker and a smartwatch covered with soulless design. Amazfit Bip 5 ticks all the boxes required for elevated budget smartwatches.



Body Of Amazfit Bip 5: Meh

Amazfit Bip 5 is made up of plastic body with aluminum bezel and a side button to present itself with a modern take. From a glance you won’t be able to tell apart it with other Amazfit product. There isn’t much to it’s design that inspires creative insights, at best it’s basic.

At the backside of the smartwatch there is (like you would’ve guessed by now) sensors. There is one for Heart Rate and the other for Blood Oxygenation. On the sides there is also microphone and built-in speaker for handling the calls. Amazfit has finally made sure that you can handle the calls right from your smartwatch as long as it’s connected to your phone. I’d say it’s a strong message to send to your competitors like Fitbit to take the matter of connectivity seriously.

Either way, you are given the liberty to change the silicone bands that comes attached with Bip 5 using pins. It’s pretty easy to detach your watch from one. While there are three colors (Soft Black, Cream White, Pastel Pink) at the time of purchase to make the pick.

The one thing that I felt stands out the most about the Bip 5 design is how light it can be on your hand. According to Amazfit the Bip 5 only weighs 26 grams. Making it perfect for long use and taking it to bed. Personally, I’m someone who avoids sleeping with any smartwatch on my hand (not that it is unsafe) but Amazfit Bip 5 certainly didn’t make it difficult for me to do test on it.

Bip 5 Display & Little Blip

Even if it’s second time you are hearing about the Amazfit Bip 5 you would’ve definitely heard on first time just how big it is, because if you did, then you heard right. With the touchscreen size of 1.91 inches I don’t remember testing a smartwatch that had display that can be perfectly described in a word: humongous.

Although, I was left pretty disappointed seeing it is not using AMOLED technology to power its display. Not that I’m pedantic about it, but there are so many competitors in market today that are providing better. So Amazfit could’ve done better there, but then again, I can understand why they didn’t, the price tag of Blip series has always been the recommending factor. Addition of change of technology can lead to differences.

Either way, you will be pretty satisfied with its display. I’ve used it inside my room. I’ve used it outside my room (under the sun). Both times I could see very clearly everything on the screen, and even if you put aside my recollection there is no denying that Amazfit Bip 5 has 260 PPI (Pixel Per Inch) and 320×380 resolution power. A number much better than many in the market today.

Sensors. Features. Wits. Bip 5

Let’s start with what smartwatches are basically most famous for you can measure four vital metrics using the Bip 5 and those four includes: Heart Rate, SPO2 (Oxygen level in your Blood), Stress, and Sleep. It goes without saying Bip 5 is not at the level of Apple Watch SE 2 or even Fitbit Versa 4. There is clear difference here between the elite of wearable world and where Bip 5 finds itself. But given the price tag associated with it, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it’s normal for a budget smartwatch to be limited in it’s value.

Besides Amazfit Bip 5 is giving you value in workout modes, it has almost 120+ sports modes that you can select according to your needs. There is AI implemented to set the mood according to your motion. You can find detailed insights about your body in the Zepp application on your phone. Bip 5 supports Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi connection. Even if that is not enough for you Amazfit Bip 5 also helps in breathing practice much like Fitbit but it’s actually helpful.

While I couldn’t test it for myself but Bip 5 also cater to its female audience and has added support for Menstrual Cycle Tracking, and all of this actually works. It is not like Spade & Co smartwatches which were providing everything, but just on paper. Amazfit has done a brilliant job to fulfil the requests of its consumer base.

Yes, there was accuracy issue with Heart Rate. I was marked to be in deep sleep when I clearly could hear my surrounding. My stress level were shown to be off the charts at time, but all of that can be excused. Because we can’t forget that it is in the essence of smartwatches to tell the lie at times. Fitbit does it. Apple does it. So does Amazfit.

UI/UX of Amazfit Bip 5: More Than Good Enough!

Since the screen size is little too big from the average you will find the navigation of Bip 5 far easier than other Amazfit smartwatches. Everything important that you’d need to know is already there on the watch face.

Speaking of clock faces just like Fitbit and Garmin you’d be given access to almost 120 clock faces that you can choose for your Bip 5. There is also huge library to download games and other applications to cater to your needs.

I was blown away with optimization of applications, specifically of some games. I have played Tic Tac Toe on my Fitbit smartwatch and now I have played it on Amazfit Bip 5 and without a doubt Bip 5 was much more attentive to my touches than the former.

It was also quite fun to dial the number and make a call from the smartwatch itself. I won’t lie I’ve always hoped Fitbit would grant my wishes before Sense 2 came out. So being able to do it on Bip 5 it reminded me just why anyone ever falls in love with smartwatches in first place. That cool feeling of feeling like you are super spy and talking to another super spy from your watch.

Battery Of Bip 5: Brilliant To Bits!

If there is one thing very well known about Amazfit products it is certainly that they provide battery life which can even taint likes of Fitbit and Co. So you will find it as no surprise that Amazfit Bip 5 can last on Battery Saving mode for straight 25 days. Yes, you have definitely not misread it. It does say 25 Days.

Even on the off chance you will use every available feature in your smartwatch you are still guaranteed to get 5 days of up time without any disturbance. Compare it with Fossil Gen 6 and the results are humiliating for the other side.

As for charging time it takes roughly 2 hours for the battery to go from 0% to 100%. While Wireless charging is enabled for the device. Meaning you can use the not wired medium to charge your Amazfit Bip 5.

All in all on the battery front Amazfit Bip 5 has no competition. It clears out anyone who dares to come close to it.

What You Will Get In The Box!

Upon purchasing you should get the following item with your Amazfit Bip 5. Make sure to check each one of the list and if you have not gotten any, contact the help required to make sure they solve your issue on time.

  • Smartwatch (including standard strap).
  • Magnetic charging cable.
  • Instruction manual 

Amazfit Bip 5: Verdict Time

In a world where inflation is crippling to common men Amazfit Bip 5 opens the easy gate for anyone willing to test the water of the wearable space. Yes, without any doubt the design and body could be more inspired. Just on it’s technical prowess there is no doubt Bip 5 is a very able smart device capable to do multitasking and provide the value in the form of both entertainment and caution.

A perfect blend for any new smartwatch that wants to leave its mark on the current market. An ideal start for a company determined to established itself as the powerhouse of wearable world.

Ezhan Javed

CMO At Chronoat

“What am I if not the words I write?” is something I’ve asked myself quite often. So, I feel it is my duty being CMO at Chronoat to not only write to inform but inspire.

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Amazfit Bip 5

A perfect bland of health tracker and a smartwatch covered with soulless design. Amazfit Bip 5 ticks all the boxes required for elevated budget smartwatches.

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Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood. Even when you are sleeping!!!

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Do You Know?

Smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2 can be used to track changes in oxygen level in your blood.

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